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Eyes have not Seen

Eyes have not Seen Lyrics and Music

The beautiful words and lyrics of the illustrious hymn begin with "They tell me of a land so fair, Unseen by mortal eyes" as the first line of the hymn. The words and lyrics of the "Eyes have not Seen" hymn were written by its American author Fanny Crosby. The author of the hymn, Fanny Crosby, was born on March 24, 1820 and died on February 12, 1915. The love filled music that accompanies the "Eyes have not Seen" song of praise was composed by George Coles Stebbins The composer of the music to the "Eyes have not Seen" hymn, George Coles Stebbins, was born on February 26, 1846 and died on October 6, 1945. We have placed "Eyes have not Seen" in the category of Christian Songs. Enjoy the beautiful lyrics of this popular Christian song and notable church hymn.

Eyes have not Seen Hymn
Title: Eyes have not Seen *** Name of Composer: George Coles Stebbins *** Name Author / Writer of Lyrics: Fanny Crosby *** Hymns Category: Christian Songs

Author of the Lyrics
The author of the inspirational words of the "Eyes have not Seen" lyrics, Fanny Crosby (March 24, 1820-February 12, 1915), was born in Brewster, Putnam County, New York, United States and achieved fame as a Hymn writer. Frances Jane Crosby (Fanny) was the most prolific American hymnist, writing over 8000 hymns.

Eyes have not Seen Lyrics

They tell me of a land so fair,
Unseen by mortal eyes,
Where spring in fadeless beauty blooms,
Beneath unclouded skies.


"Eye hath not seen, ear hath not heard,
Neither hath it entered into the heart of man,
The things which God hath prepared for them,
Prepared for them that love Him."

They tell me of a land so fair,
Where all is light and song,
Where angel choirs their anthems join
With yonder blood-washed throng.


No radiant beams from sun or moon
Adorn that land so fair,
For He who sits upon the throne
Shines forth resplendent there.


O land of light and love and joy,
Where comes no night of care,
What will our song of triumph be
When we shall enter there!


Composer of Hymn Music
The composer of the music that accompanies the words of "Eyes have not Seen", George Coles Stebbins (February 26, 1846-October 6, 1945), was born in East Carlton, Kendall, New York, United States and became famous as a evangelist, music director, musician and composer.

Information about the Hymn
Title of Hymn: Eyes have not Seen
Author of Lyrics (Hymnist): Fanny Crosby (March 24, 1820 to February 12, 1915)
Nationality of Author: American

Translator of the Hymn lyrics: N/A Hymn written in English

Name of Composer of Music: George Coles Stebbins (February 26, 1846 to October 6, 1945)
Hymn Category: Christian Songs
First Line of Hymn: "They tell me of a land so fair, Unseen by mortal eyes"
First Publication Date: 1890

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