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Lord, Remember Me

Lord, Remember Me Lyrics

The words and lyrics of this African American Spiritual begin with "O do Lord, remember me!" as the first line of the song. The words, tune and lyrics of the "Lord, Remember Me" song were passed on verbally and the names of the author and composer are therefore unknown.

Lord, Remember Me Song Meaning and History
The history of the "Lord, Remember Me" song lyrics date back to the Slave Plantations between the 1700's to 1800's. History: The song was sung by slaves at religious gatherings and the use of lyric repetition is typical of many African-American spiritual songs making the words easy to memorize and join in the singing without reference to a hymn book. When the hymn was published the words were documented in The everyday words and accents that were used by the people, giving spirituals and slave songs their unique brand of authenticity. We have placed "Lord, Remember Me" in the category of African American Spirituals, aka Negro Spirituals and Slave Songs.

Lord, Remember Me Song
Title: Lord, Remember Me *** Name of Composer: Unknown *** Name Author / Writer of Lyrics: Unknown *** Category: Slave Songs aka African American Spirituals or Negro Spirituals

Lord, Remember Me Lyrics

O do Lord, remember me!
O do, Lord, remember me!
O, do remember me, until de year roll round!
Do, Lord, remember me!

If you want to die like Jesus died,
Lay in de grave,
You would fold your arms and close your eyes
And die wid a free good will.

For Death is a simple ting,
And he go from door to door
And he knock down some, and he cripple up some,
And he leave some here to pray.

O do, Lord, remember me!
O do, Lord, remember me!
My old fader 's gone till de year roll round;
Do, Lord, remember me!

Information about the Song
Title of Song: Lord, Remember Me
Author of Lyrics: Unknown
Nationality of Author: African American
Name of Music Composer: Unknown
Song Category: Slave Songs aka African American Spirituals or Negro Spirituals
First Line of Song: "O do Lord, remember me!"
First Publication Date: 1867. The lyrics of the song were first published in 'Slave Songs of the United States'.

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